Bar Specialists offer bar consultancy services for new openings or existing operations looking for improvements. We advise on the delivery of high end cocktails and perfect serve bartending techniques, focusing on hospitality training and guest experience. We have extensive operational experience in the premium events, bar & nightclub sector.

We are a one stop shop consultancy, with minutiae attention to detail, to deliver consistency of service and high standards throughout your operation. With a myriad of services to optimise revenue potential; Bar Specialists can design, empower staff through training regimes and consult on how to stay ahead of the game.

Our bar design consultancy services cover:

New Openings


We understand the pressures of delivering a premium beverage product right from day one. We commit to hands-on implementation. Our experience in UK and abroad and allows us to adapt to regional and logistical challenges while keeping uncompromising quality standards. It also allows us to offer unique support for your team from the first designs to implementing full on bar restaurant or nightclub operation. We can develop and implement a signature beverage product in line with your venue’s concept, location and luxury status. We will deliver pre-opening events and provide an on-going support for the organisation for the first year running.

Staff training


Consistency and standard of service is integral to a successful business. You are only as good as your last performance. Bar Specialists can train management and staff providing comprehensive theory and practical training for selected beverage as well as the art of bartending including all modern trends of molecular mixology and flair to the highest levels. Implementing rigorous training regimes, exercises, recommended reading lists, tests and scenario management. We can implement detailed operation manuals, quick reference guides and daily duty checklists to ensure the efficient running of your business.


Bar specialists will only recommend a drinks offering of distinction. We can provide a full menu advisory service, with focus on your particular theme. If you are a high end food establishment or catering company where exquisite looking drinks are required, we will deliver imaginative garnishes, delicious ingredients combined with beautiful glassware and striking ice to give that real wow factor to your menu selection. If you are a high end cocktail bar where strong selection of classic and contemporary cocktails are required, we can tailor a menu that reflects proven favourites and top sellers. If cutting edge mixology is your aim, spirit/liqueur infusions, homemade syrups, foams, smoked and flamed drinks can be incorporated.

Equipment Sourcing


To maximise productivity, professionalism and aesthetics the correct equipment should be implemented. With years of experience in dealing with various suppliers, we are perfectly placed to independently recommend the most suitable, high quality and on budget items required for your Food & Beverage outlets. We advise on best practice, which equipment is best suited to achieve the intended application. Equipment supply chains can be insufficient in certain areas where cocktail bar culture is still developing. Where the demand for equipment exists, these supply chains can be implemented in your local area, otherwise overseas equipment suppliers can be set up so that your equipment lists can be shipped direct to your location. Bar Specialists work with leading refrigeration, ice maker and glass washer equipment manufacturers globally. We have the ability to supply bespoke fridges or freezers, dependant on your special requirements.



Choosing the right till system can be a daunting task. There are many solutions out there and choosing the correct one for your operation is an important choice as well as support contracts. Customisation of the system is key to success, if correctly programed, communication/best practice procedures can greatly improve your operation, stock management and sales line awareness.It is important to have an adequate quantity of EFTPOS terminals in your establishment to cope with the demand of the busy periods. There is nothing more detrimental to a business if it cannot keep pace with the demand. Choosing which type of connection is correct for your establishment (phone line dial up, broadband or satellite) can greatly vary dependant on location, Wi-Fi signals, terminal availability, banking provider and support contracts.

Supplier Account Optimisation

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It is important to build good relationships with suppliers and it works both ways. The aim is to have an organised, well run business with clear accounts. This requires efficient accounting processes from both supplier & customer. Clear processes for delivery, invoicing and payments, will build trust and help define optimisation capabilities. Where there is track record and trust, discounts and special promotions will be commonplace.

Music Consultancy


Music is crucial for building atmosphere and lasting memorable experiences. Music will set the tone of your establishment. Bar Specialists work with digital music system companies like C-Burn and leading international DJ’s to achieve comprehensive archived playlists that will make a right impression and suits style of your venue. We develop long term relationships with our clients and we pay a close attention to their feedback.

Feasibility Analysis


Location, Competition, Space Plan Layouts, Project Programme and Budget Costing’s enable you to assess the feasibility of the project at the very first stage. Our team will objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of an existing business or proposed venture.

Audit Initialisation


Bar Specialists can set up and train management on standard day to day operational procedures that will contribute to the correct auditing of your business. It is imperative to know where you are with your finances, so that your company can succeed and grow. A secondary auditing process is also an important facility to implement. This information is the building blocks for establishing future annual budgets and revenue forecasts.